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Florida International University (FIU) Fall 2013 Alumni Reading

The September 8, 2013 event at Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL (moderated by Assistant Professor Julie Wade) included readings by FIU MFA recipients Joe Clifford, Barbara Lisette, Melanie Neale, Sarah E. Pearsall, and Parker Phillips.

Professor Les Standiford (Director of the FIU MFA Creative Writing Program) then offered a thoughtful remembrance of the late Elaine Winer, who received her MFA from FIU in 2001. Standiford’s remarks also included a message submitted by novelist and poet Nina Romano, also an FIU alumna.

I concluded the event with my own remembrance of Elaine Winer, my friend and longtime editing client. I also read her prose poem, “A Lifetime of Pets,” and several selections from her novel The Seagull’s Wife (2013, Midtown Publishing).

Please enjoy the HD Livestream at FIU Fall Alumni Reading.