You Can’t Get There from Here (Kitsune Books, 2007; Florida Book Award Silver Medal for General Fiction)

Softcover / Kindle

YCGTFH-cover Short Stories:

“Before We Do Anything Else”; FLASH! Writing the Very Short Story (Norton, 2018)

“Plots”; FLASH! Writing the Very Short Story (Norton, 2018)

“Not Without Feathers”; 15 Views of Miami, Burrow Press, 2014

“Condo People”; Fort Lauderdale Magazine, January 2014

“Before We Do Anything Else”; StreetMiami, 2004

“No Deposit, No Return”; South Dakota Review, 2002

“You Can’t Get There From Here”; Irrepressible Appetites (Rock Press, 2002)

“Legal Tender”; Sunshine Magazine, August 13, 2000

“What More Do You Want?”; Potpourri, 1998

“Dad’s Fish”; Gulf Stream Magazine, Issue #11, 1996 Poems:

“California Honeymoon, Day 1”; Irrepressible Appetites, Rock Press, 2002

“Eighteen Wheels Across America”;  The Seattle Review, 2001

“Teeth”; Vox, #4, 1996

“Free Pizza”; Vox read this , #4, 1996

Creative Nonfiction:

“Smells Like Art”;  Gulf Stream Magazine, 2006

“A Feast for Curtis”;  South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 2002

Magazine Articles:

“Jonathan Lord Lives by the Power of Emergence”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2007

“Arielle Chikovsky Is Soaring Above Illness”; Miami Magazine; Winter 2007

“It’s ‘Anchors Away’ for Lawyer Jamie Colby”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2006

“Giselle Elgarresta Rios Conducts Her Way to Carnegie Hall”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2006

“Mazel Tov: Wayne Firestone Leads Hillel”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2006

“It’s a Sporting Life for Pete Garcia”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2006

“R. Fred Lewis Respects His Roots”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2006

“Stephen Vladeck:  A Constitutional Scholar for Our Times”; (Miami Magazine; Spring 2006

“Alan Knitowski Has Found Success through Discipline”;  Miami Magazine; Spring 2006

“The ‘Bread and Butter’ Life is Sweet for Jane Daly”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2006

“Rita Bornstein Continues Academic Advocacy”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2006

“Fear Is Not a Factor for Cohen and Nolfi”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2006

“Lady of Silk and Steel”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2006

“Dany Garcia Johnson is Rocketing Ahead in Business”; Miami Magazine; Winter 2006

“TV’s Judge Alex Ferrer Sees Law from Many Angles”; Miami Magazine; Winter 2006

“Gia Tutalo-Mote Mixes Broadcasting with Benevolence”; Miami Magazine; Winter 2006

Joel McNeely Scores on the Silver Screen”; Miami Magazine; Winter 2006

“How the University of Miami’s Facilities Administration Department Uses Customized Financial Reports to Manage Costs”; Facilities Manager; Vol. 21, No. 5; Sept./Oct. 2005

“Bernard Siegel Takes on a Tough Cell”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2005

“Betty Castor Takes Action in Florida”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2005

“For Ron Mann, Publishing is Good Business”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2005

“Terry Hickey Follows His Academic Vision”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2005

“From Hollywood to Politics, Jonathan Hefler Aims High”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2005

“Better, Stronger, Faster”; Miami Magazine; Winter 2005

“Richard Lyons Enjoys the Fruits of His Labor”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2004

“Anthony Atala Is Pioneering Organic Growth”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2004

“The Objects of Stephen Althouse’s Expression”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2004

“Roselee Roberts Has Found Her Mission in Space”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2004

“Claudia Reiff Finds Her Niche in the Ring”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2003

“Jose Abreu Is a Man in Motion”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2003

“How the Re-engineered Solid Waste Operation Produces $400,000 in Annual Savings”; Facilities Manager; Vol. 19, No. 5; Sept./Oct. 2003

“Emilio Gonzalez Watches over the West”; Miami Magazine; Summer 2003

“Alicia Juarrero Has a Philosophy for Success”; Miami Magazine; Summer 2003

“Boyce Rensberger Gives Science to the People”; Miami Magazine; Summer 2003

“Mario Garcia Turns the Page on Newspaper Design”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2002

“Marilyn Milian Is the People’s Judge”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2002

“Mark Reeves Answers a Spiritual Call”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2002

“Charlotte Freeman Fights Depression with Faith”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2002

“Ron Zodkevitch Gives Patients the Star Treatment”; Miami Magazine; Fall 2002

“Barbara Parker’s Mysterious Road to Success”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2002

“Andy Unanue Reaches the Top of the Food Chain”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2002

“Inventor Ivan Yaeger Is a Patent Success”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2002

“Mara Altschuler: From Headlines to Home Lines”; Miami Magazine; Spring 2002

Book Editing & Consulting (Selected Titles): 

Be More: Find your truth, tell your story, and get what you want out of life (by Todd Putman, with Lori Sparger; Future Pull Group, 2015)

The Bird Market of Paris: A Memoir (by Nikki Moustaki; Henry Holt, 2015)

The Prince of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood (by Richard Blanco; Ecco, 2014)

Reflections of a Centenarian: Stories, Observations, Memories, and Bits of Wisdom (by Rosalind Starrels Greenwald; AuthorHouse, 2014)

The Seagull’s Wife: A Novel (by Elaine Winer; MidTown Publishing, 2013)

The Foreign Consuls Among Us: A Guide to Citizen Diplomacy (by Cami Hofstadter, Ph.D.; SeaGreen Press, 2013)

Finding Home: A Memoir of a Mother’s Undying Love and an Untold Secret (by Maruchi Mendez; Reedy Press, 2012)

Butterfly Kiss (by Iris Kamen; AuthorHouse, 2012)

My Father’s Final Journey: A Heart Surgeon’s Memoir (by David Galbut, M.D.; Devora Publishing, 2008)

Pest (by G. Spencer Myers; AuthorHouse, 2005)

Stronger than Dirt: The Making of an Advertising Man(by Andrew Vladimir; iUniverse, 2005)

This Is My Wife, Evelyn (by USAF Colonel James Hayes, 2004)

The Music I Love . . . The Business I Hate: A Survival Guide to the Entertainment Industry (by Hendrick Ferguson; Stanyard Creek Publishing, 2003)

All His Fingers and Toes (by Rose Weiss; Writer’s Club Press, 2000)

Magazine Copy Editing:

TimeToSpa; 2005-2010

American Businesswoman; 2005

Vis.A.Vis; 2004-2005

Lincoln Road Magazine; 2003-2004

Las Olas Magazine; 2003-2004

International Yachtsman; 2003-2004